Miskatonic Valley


The Miskatonic Valley is and area of Massachusetts north of Salem and Boston through it runs the Miskatonic River starting across the state line in New Hampshire and running out to the Atlantic Coast.

Population centers.

The Valley is quite sparsely populated in this time period and most population centers are little more than isolated farming communities. Along the Valley there are 3 major population centers, list here in distance order from source to estuary.

  • Dunwich: A rural farming community, it once had a logging industry but was out competed by competitors in Salem and Boston.
  • Arkham: A quaint New England town is seen as the defacto, capital of the Miskatonic Valley area, it is also home the prestigious Miskatonic University.
  • Kingsport: Once a major port now, a fishing town and holiday home destination with a growing arts scene.


Like most of New England the Miskatonic Valley is a densely wooded with deciduous trees, the ground is riddled with steep rugged hills. And like the rest of New England has an influx of visitors during the fall to see the golden brown landscape.

Miskatonic Valley

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