An average size black cat, with emerald green eyes.


Morpheus, if that is his name, is the cat christened by Charles Baxter. Morpheus is one of Arkhams stary cats, he has a very friendly nature and seems to have formed and instantainious bond with Charles Baxter, the both of them can often be seen in the quad sat on the grass as Charles dreams away in his note book.

Morpheus is pure black, with striking green eyes. He is quite an intelegent cat and seems to have most of his needs taken care of by various students and members of faculty who all seem to have a soft spot for the cat. He has even been found asleep on the folklore section of the Orne Library. Morpheus has a habit of being found asleep in locked rooms and seems to be having a running battle with the universities care taker Levi Tetlow with his escapades.



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