Charles Baxter

MU Arts student, studying English Literature.


Charles is cuts an unusual figure in MU he looks out of time. He keeps his thick straight black hair disgracfully long, it reaches to his sholders similar in style to his literary hero Lord Byron. He is an atractive young man who’s long hair gives adds to his rakish appearence, his bookish demeaner sits at odds with his physique. Standing at almost 6 feet tall and a stocky frame he is the very epitomy of his hero. He is normally seen wearing black soft leather shoes, black suit trousers, a white shirt and a 3/4 length black frock coat. Or in warmer seasons a soft puple velvert jacket. Although normnally he wears his hear down for formal events he wears his hair tied into a poney tail tied with a black cotton bow.


Charles hails from Boston, and is the heir to a banking fortune. His fathers business is of no interest to him. Chares can be found either in the library reading Shelly, Byron, or any of their contempories. He is a fan of the gothic tradition, and loves the works of Edgar Alan Poe. If not in the library he can be found in the quad dreamily writing in his note book with his side kick Morpheus, the stray cat that can often be seen with Charles. If all else fails be can be found in his second home, Kingsport where the sea breezes have served to send his creativity into overdrive.

Whilst in public his bizar apearence, with his long hair lock of tie and open shirt (the top two buttons are unbuttoned) has gained him public scorn from the the students and faculty. His dashing figure and erodite air have not left him wanting parners for any formal events.

Charles Baxter

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