Anna von Diesenburg

German student attending Miskatonic University. She is currently studying Medieval European History.


Anna is 5’ 8", she has long blond hair styled in a shingle cut, giving it a glamourus waved effect. She has large deep blue eyes, made more striking by her heavily made up eye lashes.

She is quite lithe and athletically built, and tends to gain a lot of unwanted attention from members of the football and swim team.

She has quite a bookish apearence which hides her attractive physique, her hed is bowed low and she tends to clutch her text books and notes close to chest like armour. Although recently this has changed with her new found confidence.


She seems to be as lucky as a broken mirror, she has been on the recieving end of several traumatic and bizar incidents during he stay at Miskatonic University, serveral of these have caused her psycological trauma. Although she has, had several brushes with shell shock she seems to have stronger mental fortitude than most give her credit for. As she has always bounced back from these tramas.

She seems to have developed a strong friendship with Charles Baxter, the rumours on campus are that they are courting.

Since her nervous breakdown in Kingsport Anna seems to have externally toughened up, she now walks with purpose no longer keeping her head down.

Anna von Diesenburg

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