Pulp Cthulhu

Sophmore Year Session 1

The year is 1924 and the investigators are now start their Sophmore year at Miskatonic University. A new investigator Henry MacGough joins the goup as the new investigator.

After revelry of Homecoming week the students realise that the head of Saint Ward has gone, who would take the head and what will happen to the students beloved Great Game. Then on Monday 6th July a notice appears on the notice board, it simply reads:

The Game Begins!

St. Ward is gone, lost for all time.
Five clues the are to find.
Follow the trail, glory awaits for the winner.
In the fullness of time St. Ward will be yours.
You hunt begins now, for here is your first clue for free.
“I stand alone, wrapped in legend mist and legend.
What you seek is at my tallest point."

Will the investigators find the head and join those few to have posesed Saint Ward, tune in next week!



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