Pulp Cthulhu

Senior Year 1st Semester

Played 30/1/2012

Smitty is released from hospital and seems very clingy with us. It seems like his confidence has taken a good knocking. He has not had any parties since which is unusual for him as he usually kicks off a lot of parties and is very active in the other parties on campus. Instead he seems to be spending a lot of time studying. We think he’s finally realised how much work he actually needs to do.

Tuesday 28th September

Grace is sitting in one of Dr. Francis Morgan‘s lectures and is asked by him to stay behind afterwards. Once the lecture is finished he takes her to his office. The rest of us get a message during our own lectures to report to Morgan’s office afterwards. As we walk past Morgan’s old office, we see there is a new name painted on the door: Dr. David Wilson, Assistant Professor of Archaeology. We continue on towards McTavish‘s old office to find Morgan’s name painted on the door and his new title of Head of Archaeological Studies.

The room seems to have been expunged of most traces of McTavish. The smell of pipe smoke is gone and all of his effects have been remove, presumably sent to his widow. Some standard course books that belonged to McTavish remain. The room now has a different style with various Mesoamerican artifacts and articles relating to the region including a large map, small artifacts, photos of stepped pyramids and photographs of various expedition teams. On the desk is a photograph of a woman in her mid to late twenties and beside that is a photograph of MacTavish in a frame which has “Goodbye old friend” written at the bottom. There are still some egyptian artifacts scattered around the room but nowhere near the number that McTavish had. The room itself has a very outdoorsy feeling to it, definitely belonging to a practical archaeologist.

Morgan seems very appreciative of the work we have done revealing a hidden history to the university, most notably in finding the notes in the hidden chamber in the Orne Library. In normal circumstances he would award us collectively with it as a find but he apologetically explains that he would prefer this not be disclosed. When questioned by Mimi as to why he explains that firstly he wants to avoid creating a panic in Arkham, that this has been happening for hundreds of years without anyone noticing. Secondly, he fears that to publically disclose our information would destroy any chance of us stopping what has been happening. He explains that we are dealings with things that we really have no idea about and that he doesn’t want people to know that these kinds of things are real. He admits that while he normally would never agree on such a point, there are some things that Man was not meant to know.

Morgan goes on to explain that he think we have both been tackling the same problem fro opposite directions and would like for us all to pool our resources and work together to stop whatever is going on. He explains that we have one advantage over himself and Professor Armitage in that we can generally miss lectures without arousing suspicion while they may be sacked for doing the same. He offers us a chance to back out and after we refuse he tells us that he can arrange for us to be given exemptions to lessons and for us to be given extra credit for working with himself and Professor Armitage. We all agree that we are not safe and that we will need to see this through to the end.

Michael asks Morgan if he has any ideas where to start. Morgan suggests finding the whatever was mentioned in the notes that is hidden with the rest of Orne’s bequest. There is mention in the notes of some kind of prison and we theorise that since Mason can apport to various different locations that the prison is not any kind of physical prison but is more likely to be some form of magical artifact.

After some discussion we decide the best place to start looking for Orne’s treasure is the massive carven head on the side of Kingsport Head. We have two options, climbing from the base up or abseiling from the top down. We theorise that there may be a cave system linked to it, but that any other entrance to the system could be miles away and the only definite lead we have is the head. Morgan informs us of a truck path leading most of the way up Kingsport Head. The path has been constructed to ferry materials and personnel to a new radio tower being constructed to be able to communicate with a planned expedition into the Antarctic Interior.

Discussing starting from the base and climbing up we remember there is a narrow causeway leading round and up the side of Kingsport Head. We decide to spend some time with the Climbing Club at the University to gain some advice and information on a no doubt challenging climb. Mimi has major misgivings about climbing to the carven head but is more interested in climbing from the base rather than abseiling down from the top.

Morgan extends an offer to Grace to help examine and catalogue the finds that have just arrived from the Mesa Grande dig.

Michael and John decide to go to Sears and Roebuck’s to order climbing gear, although it will take a week to arrive. Grace goes to check out the finds from the Mesa Grande dig.


Just updated the title. Its not the final semester yet, thats the spring/summer semester. My bad.

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Senior Year 1st Semester

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