Pulp Cthulhu

Miskatonic University Freshman Year, First Semester

This is a brief overview of what happened in year one of Pulp Cthulhu, as I forgot to get any of the players to sign up or to record the events here.

Year one was split into two adventures, one for each semester in the characters freshman year at Miskatonic University. As well as the adventures the characters were also able to learn and observe some of the universities traditions both those steeped in MU’s rich history and the more excentric student created traditions.

Semester 1 began with MU student Frank Charlton found dead on the steps of the Orne Library after apparently throwing himself from the roof. The same night Anna von Diesenburg was attacked by an unknown assailant on her way back to Dorothy Upman Hall just before curfew. Anna a friend of the characters was temporarily held in St. Mary’s Hospital due to her being in a state of catatonic shock. The characters were able to glean from her a description of her assailant, the man she described was Frank Charlton, whom she claimed had no blood when she faught him. They were also able to recover some organic mater from under her nails. The organic mater was found to be human tisue that had undergone some celular necrosis but that it seemed to be preseved by some agent.

After the delayed patholgists report was finally published it stated that Frank Charlton died of sufocation and his wounds sustained from the fall were sustained post mortem. Frank’s room mate Biff Williams was the police’s prime suspect. However after speaking to Biff they discovered a man who although not the perfect room mate to Charlton got along with him amicably. They did discover that Charlton moved in some unusual circles, he was a member of the Bohemians through this they found a link to fellow MU student Claude Owen. Claude had tried to join the Bohemians. Charlton was one of the key players who vicously verbally cut him down and refused his membership, mocking him and wringing every last drop of pleasure from it.

After investigating Claude Owen they found that he was a very solitary student whom even the faculty found slightly disturbing, earning him the nickname of ‘Creapy Claude’. They found that Claude was obsesed with death, his father died when he was 4 his mother when he was 5,
he was brought up by his maternal Grandparents both of whom are now deceased. When they went looking for Claude they found no sign of him on campus his dorm room had not been used in a week. So they searched it and found signs that he was developing a serum to reanimate dead tissue, and it looked like Claude had succeded atleast once with the discovery of the pitiful sight of a vivisected dog still alive pinned to the board. Amongst Claude’s papers they found the smoking gun a rambling diary entry where scrawled in a manic hand telling of his plan to kill Frank Charlton and then reanimated him and to continue the cycle until he was satisfied that justice had been served. Finally they found that not all of the work was of Claude’s own devising he had built upon the work laid down by MU alumni Herbert West, one of MU’s most promising medical graduates who dies in Flanders during The Great War.

After examining Wests Notes left in the stacks, they tracked Owen to a secluded farm house that had once been leased by West. Here the confronted the re-animator and defeated him, at much personal sacrifice. They were aided in this endevor by three university professors:

The profesors helped to smooth things out for the chracters but hoped that they would stay clear of much dangerous persuits in future.



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