Pulp Cthulhu

A Death In The Family

Played 19th October 2012

In Game date 30th September 1935.

Party meet with Profesor Armitage in the Orne Library to go through the notes of the missing Proffesor Ashford in an attempt to start to unravel the mysterious disapearance of the Ashford Expedition in South America.

After spending 4 days going through the professors notes the players learn some interesting clues to the Ashford expedition.

(If someone wants to fill this in with what you learned feed free to fill this bit in.)

After finishing off for the night of the 3rd October 1935 the party leave the library at night only to hear a smash and gun shots from Armitages office. John and Grace give chace to the mysterious asailant and Mimi and Harry go to check on Prof. Armitage. John and Grace chace the attacker to Arkham docks and then they chase them to the cost where the attackers escape with the notes and the tablets to a Tramp Steamer moored offshore.

Meanwhile back at the library Mimi comforts a dieing Prof. Armitage. And questions Armitages new mysterious assistant August.



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